The upside to impermanence

When we think of impermanence, I think most of us think about decay and dying.
But there is in fact a tremendous upside to impermanence.
impermanenceJust think if seeds were permanent, there would be no flowers or fruits or vegetables. It is the impermanence of these seeds that supply all things that grow and nourish us. The beauty, the fragrance of fresh flowers, the taste of corn on the cob.
If Winter were permanent, we would never know the beauty and smells of the Spring.
If we were permanent, we would not grow older and we would never have our beautiful children.
And as often as I wish my youngest Daughter would not grow up, I can see how thankful I am that my oldest Daughter has blessed me with two beautiful Grandsons. Were it not for impermanence, I would never have my wonderful Son-in-law or gorgeous Grandsons.
So you see, without impermanence, all the beauty and joy of life would not exist. It would never come to be.
I am happy for impermanence, even grateful. My life is full and rich because of it.
And yes, I will still get old and die. But I know that it’s been worth every minute.
So please don’t struggle with impermanence. See it clearly, mindfully, and embrace it.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.