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All beings are equal


But what constitutes a being? Saying that all beings are equal may be a seemingly broad stroke of the brush, but more and more I have come to see this to be clearly evident. I submit some questions to you…

Can a Buddhist have fun?


We all know that girls just wanna have fun, and boys love their toys. But how does this apply to a student of the Buddha and Dhamma? All this talk about attachment, desire, clinging, suffering and death, would seem to…

Teachers and great teachers


Most of us would agree that we are all teachers to one another, and I certainly agree that this is true. And not to say that one person has more value than another in terms of being a teacher, but…

Class is in session

Just try to remember, there is no need to wait for the lesson, the lesson is right here in front of us just waiting to be seen. Class is in session.