Nothing penetrates a closed door

Are you living behind a closed door?

closed door

Protected and safe, nothing can enter a closed and locked door. And isn’t this true of our minds as well?
And behind the thinly veiled illusion of safety, we easily cling to our fears and stories about all of the terrible things that may lie in waiting on the other side. But what is actually on the other side, what will you see when you open the door? Well the answer is the same for all of us, we will see the truth. We will see whatever it is, however it is, like it or not.

So why would any of us lock ourselves away, hide from reality and the truth about anything?
I can only see one answer, and that answer is fear. Fear that things may not be as you wish them to be. Fear that your security is an illusion. Fear that this life is in a constant state of decay and that things are impermanent. Oh no, there it is!
But don’t stop reading now, as you will only be closing the door again and locking it. You’ve cracked it open just by reading this, and you should be happy that you are brave and confident in doing so. Nothing bad happened, there was no “boogie man” on the other side, it’s only life that you are seeing. And while it may not be everything, at least it is a glimpse, a beginning for you. A place to begin letting go of your fears that debilitate you and prevent you from savoring all that this life has to offer.
And like they say in the Infomercials, “but wait, there’s more!”.

As any of us begin to eliminate fear, we eliminate obstacles that prevent us from closer relationships. The first of which is with ourselves. And loving and accepting ourselves is typically the most difficult hurdle that any of us face. Our frailty and susceptibility to sickness, heartbreak, loss of loved ones, aging and death. These would all seem like valid reasons to close our mind, shut the door, and remain delusionally safe. But I hope you can see that this does not change the facts, or reality. And how very upset each of us becomes when we are slapped in the face with any of these difficulties that we so determinedly avoided. The door was closed, dead-bolted and chained, yet still, life happened.

The point here is that by opening our eyes, ears, hearts and minds, we avail ourselves to a rich experience that becomes freer and freer of expectations and hence disappointments. We become more present, loving, joyful and skillful with our lives. With each moment that we have, a chance to be fully alive and unencumbered. With a lung full of air, and a lightness in your step, I encourage each of you to open the door. If already opened, open wider and enjoy!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.