Lotus’s of the field

Anybody remember Sidney Poitier in Lillies of the Field? Sidney Poitier played Homer Smith, a drifter that was passing through and stumbled upon these German Nuns. The head Nun, because of her accent, referred to Homer as “Schmidt”. She told Schmidt, “you gonna build me a chapel!”. He struggled to say no, but in the end, he built them their “Chapel”.

Well somehow, I feel as though this head Monk from Sri Lanka has told me “Schmidt, you gonna build me a Temple!”.
No, he has not actually said that to me, or even implied it. But I do feel a strong calling to do so. And like Homer Smith, I can see the people need to have this building. A place to come together in loving kindness. A place to learn and share, eat and laugh, find peace and Family. A place for newcomers to always feel welcome. A real Blue Lotus Temple.
The one difference from the movie, is I also feel strongly about having a residence as part of the Temple.
I know how very small and meager the current living environment is for our blessed Monks; and I would like so very much to see them have a bit more space for themselves.
I have so much, as I think most of you reading this do to.
But back to the movie.
Homer didn’t ask others to help him. He just picked up a brick and started to do it by himself. Then one by one, other townspeople joined in to help. In almost no time, they had built themselves a Chapel.

So, off I go to pick up a brick. Perhaps the community will choose to join in, and we can build us a Temple!

May you be well, happy and peaceful