Let’s get physical

Over the past few days I have come to see how the body almost dictates our feelings.
Now I would like to think that it’s mind over matter, but it appears to work in reverse of that.
Whenever you are feeling any strong emotion, can you feel the reaction your body is having to that? Now what if you could eliminate those physical feelings? Do you think you would still feel sad, angry or depressed?
Well I now believe that without those physical sensations such as tightness in the chest, labored breathing, pulse racing and clenched muscles, that I would likely not be suffering. And I can see that my mind cannot (at this point) overcome those sensations. My mind is at the mercy of the body.
Yes, I do sit with these disturbing emotions and meditate. I practice loving kindness/compassion meditation, then I spend time with Vipassana meditation, observing the mind and body.
And do I then come off the cushion feeling refreshed and at ease? Rarely! But I do usually see that there is a story attached to these disturbing emotions, and that this story has manifested itself into physical sensations of pain and discomfort.

So this is not to say that sitting does not help, because meditation always settles my mind and helps gain more awareness of the present. But meditation is not elimination. Meditation is observation and acceptance.
Perhaps this is why I am seeing this body/mind connection more clearly than ever before. And I have become increasingly aware that the body is not mine to control.

None of this means that meditation does not have the ability to positively affect the health of our physical bodies. There has been a tremendous amount of scientific research that has proven this.
And as I continue to practice and meditate, I will certainly share whatever wisdom I may gain. But for now I can only offer you the chance to see this connection and examine it for yourself.
Ask yourself if you believe that you control your mind or your body. And please share with me how you accomplish this.

For now, I wish you peace.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.