I’m slightly off

I think I usually have some hint of good intention or Buddhist wisdom that I try to share with you every time I post here. But today is different. Today I am slightly off.
I’m not sure why this is, but I feel out of balance. It’s what the Wife and I like to refer to as feeling discombobulated.
Thing is, I think perhaps many of us struggle with this feeling from time to time. Not quite sure what it is that’s bothering us, but things just seem out of balance.
So what can we do when we feel like this? How can you or I get reconnected and balanced again? Regain that sense of peace and harmony that we sometimes enjoy.
Well, for one thing, I missed doing my meditation last night. This may be part of it. Because I find, at least right now, that my meditation time is extremely healthy for me. So perhaps once I meditate this evening, things will settle down again and I will feel at home with myself.
But for now, it feels like it will be a long day with this indescribable feeling.
I am think that perhaps the best course of action is to once again be mindful. To just try and be an observer of these feelings and emotions without trying to analyze them. Do not cling to them, nor push them away, simply observe.
As I say these words, I feel my tension easing. I am accepting this moment for just what it is and nothing more.
When I think about it, this is the same way I try and practice any emotions that arise in me. Anger, joy, sadness, frustration, all need to be simply observed without attachment.
I think this may be another lesson for me.
The more I practice, the easier it becomes to just observe. When I do this, not only do I feel more peace and harmony with myself but also those around me feel this peace.

So thank you for reading this and listening to me. It helped me to talk it through, and I hope that it may be of some benefit to you on those days that you feel slightly off.

May you be well, happy and peaceful