Hospice for the living

I have recently been moved by several of the posts written by Marguerite Manteau-Rao of the Mind Deep Blog.
Marguerite is not only a wonderful practitioner of the Buddha’s teachings, but also writes for the Huffington Post, and is a Zen Hospice volunteer.
It is her work and writings about hospice care that inspires me today.

It seems that most people, at the nearing of their death, can actually accept death and often welcome it. It is the suffering that most of us cannot deal with.
Then I started thinking about how we all suffer right now. Perhaps not as physically painful, but still it is suffering. I can only imagine that there is no comparison between end of life suffering, and the suffering we each endure every day.
But then I had the thought, should we not have Hospice Care for the living? You and I, right now, need this kind of care. We are in fact experiencing end of life this very moment. Don’t let this disturb you, as this has been the case since the moment you were born. Yes, we are born to die. There is no optional conclusion to this existence. If this thought saddens or disturbs you, then that is proof that we need care right now.
So why not start Hospice Care right now? I would like to do this. I would like to offer this to you, and to myself.
Now I am not trained or certified for this, but I do have a nature of loving kindness and compassion. And I certainly share and understand suffering.
And I think it can be of great benefit to begin this care now, and not wait until our final days or hours.
I am not sure exactly where or how to begin this practice of Hospice for the living. But I think perhaps this post is some sort of a beginning. I hope you will share your ideas with me.
I just think if we begin now with acceptance, love, mindfulness and compassion, that we can ease suffering now and in our final days. We can benefit others now and in their final days.

May you each be healthy, happy and peaceful.
May the blessings of Buddha’s teaching be with each of you.