Finding peace

This morning I wondered where I can look for peace when my mind is filled with concerns and fears.
Normally, I would think that meditation is the place to start and settle the mind.
But today, I felt like I needed to examine these feelings and perhaps sit for meditation once I had gained a little clarity.

I always like the saying that “peace comes from within”. But we are constantly subject to the six senses (Ayatana), seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and the mind. All of which make up the concept of self.
And as long as I cling to this idea of self, the six senses will continue to prevent this inner peace from arising.

Sometimes I feel like meditation is an avenue of escape from these influences, and find a few minutes of peace. But I am beginning to see that this is not the purpose of meditation.
My effort is not to be temporarily removed from this World, but to become more connected to it. This is a way to eliminate the suffering of self and sensory influences.

We cannot run from this World to find peace. We can only awaken our mind to the reality of connectedness and universal suffering and love.
Trees do not complain when the wind blows harshly, the flowers do not cry when the Sun goes down. All around us are examples of nature excepting things as they are.
I too need to become like the rest of nature and see there is no struggle in my practice. No struggle in this life.
In this moment, so long as I am present, there is peace. Nothing more needs to be added or taken away.
Now I’m going to go meditate!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.