Clash of the Titans


Once again, a severe thunderstorm was a great lesson for me.

As I began my meditation, I viewed the storm as similar to life. And as I nice as it is for things to be quiet and peaceful, sometimes storms do happen. And how each of us handles these storms is really the important part.
So as I settled into my breathing, and sending loving kindness, the storm continued to increase in intensity. Mindfully, I followed my breath and welcomed the storm around me.
Then my dog, who is terrified of storms, began crying and whining insistently. Still, I accepted this and returned to my breath. Not getting my attention, my dog began scratching me to get my attention. Now it was becoming really difficult to focus on my breath!
Suddenly, I could hear the ringer from Skype chat, alerting me that someone wanted to talk. Yet still, with a strong determination, I gently pulled my mind back and focused on the breath.
Not one minute later, the home phone began ringing. Having three phones in the house, the ringing is loud and obnoxious.
So with thunder crashing, lightning flashing, hail and rain pounding the windows, phones ringing and dog crying, I returned to my breath. With a tension and tightness in my chest, I began breathing in lovingly and breathing out lovingly. And as I began to breathe more easily, it came to me how wonderful. How wonderful this opportunity, to be alive, to breathe, to sense the power and nourishment that this storm offers. But also for the clarity that all of this showed me about impermanence. The storm will not last forever, the dog will not continue to cry, even my mind will not continue to wander.

My little girl always says she cannot understand why I like rain storms. And today I found one more example of why they are wonderful.
Perhaps one day, she too will enjoy them as I do.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.