Your ego is killing me

egoI chose this title because I believe it is a perfect example of my own ego.
You see, the moment I put the self in front of the situation, I am operating with ego and selfishness.
I have become more and more aware of this lately, as a certain situation demanded care of someone else.
As I spoke to my Wife about how many people have their ego involved, and think they know what is best, and I suddenly realized that I am guilty of the same ego.
You see, having tremendous love for someone does not elevate you or me to a supreme authority.
It is not justification for our ego to take over.
When I think or say that I know what is best, it is proof that I do not. It means my ego has taken over and I lack mindfulness and genuine compassion. Ouch!
But I see this as something I need to become more aware of so as to remain humble. Without ego, I am humble. It’s that simple.

The death of the ego self is the birth of true compassion and enlightenment.

And remember that ignorance and delusion are poisons. The more we allow these poisons to be present, the farther we are from the truth. The farther we are from love.
Sometimes we must see that loving kindness requires no action. Simply being mindful, peaceful and sending loving thoughts, can provide so much healing power for yourself and towards others who are in need.
This too, I think, is being totally present in the moment. Letting go of your desire to control can be a liberating experience. I see this as the cessation of suffering.

So this is my practice every day. And please know that I struggle with it all the time.
I have learned to ask myself, before I speak, if my ego is involved. If it is, then I know I must gain wisdom for right view. I must let go of the self.
This process is not easy, but it is truly the right path.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.