You have a job

Yes, I think that we each have a job to do in our practice, and in our daily lives.
We are each important to many people in many ways. As a Brother, Sister, Mother, Daughter, Grandparent, Husband or Wife. Many of us serve in multiple capacities, as well as being dear friends to many others.
I see that we rarely see eye-to-eye with everyone on every situation. And this could not be more true of the people we are closest to. Seeing things from our perspective, based on our wants and needs is simply failing to do our jobs in that capacity. Our job, my job, is to be mindful of our words thoughts and actions. Offering loving kindness and acceptance, regardless of the other persons words or actions.
Being fully present in that role that you serve to another.

How easily I see that I often forget my job. Ego and selfishness rise up to inhibit my open heart and compassion. Making snap judgements on others, and believing that my view is the right view, and my way is the right way. Since when did I become the wisest one in the room? The all-knowing, the all seeing!
This is merely delusion and ignorance that I have yet to extinguish.
And the moment that my ego takes over, I cease to learn. I stop being the student, and I cease to be of benefit to the self and others.

Perhaps some of us do not like feeling as though we have a job to do, a responsibility to others in this life. But we do not exist in this life alone. We do not live in this World alone or isolated. We are a society, and a Family. Connected in every way imaginable. And the job of loving and caring for ourselves can only be accomplished through equanimity and generosity. To truly love and accept ourselves, we must open our heart to others. Viewing all others as we are learning to view ourself, with unconditional love.

Personally, I am extremely grateful for the jobs that I have. This Noble effort is one whose intention is for kindness and acceptance towards all living beings. Starting with the self, my determination begins and ends with each breath. Breathing in lovingly, breathing out lovingly.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.