Where does it all end?

So as I sat meditating last night, and focusing on my breath, I wondered where was the beginning and where was the end of my breath.

The inhale is no good to my body without the exhale. So they are obviously of equal importance.

I can see there is no beginning or end to my breathing.

I think that all things are like this. Lets say we look at a week or a year. They only have a beginning or end if our mind chooses to place a point in time. In reality there is no beginning or end to a week or month or year.

When the Sun goes down at night, it is obviously not gone. It is only gone from our view. It does not mean a day has stopped.

Since I can see how universally this rule applies to everything, how can it not apply to our lives.

We are born, and come into view. We die, and we are gone from view. This does not mean our only existence was when we could see ourselves in the mirror.

I think that is a narrow minded view to think such silliness.

There is no beginning or end, but there is right now.

Now is the space in between the breaths. That moment between your exhale and your inhale.

In that space there is nothing, yet there is everything.

For me, to have that awareness, is to train myself in mindfulness of every moment. It is in between each breath that I choose to utter a kind or unkind word or thought.

Those thoughts and words are demonstrated in actions that are the reality of right now. The present. This very moment.

I vow to continue my practice. With loving kindness to myself, my Family, my friends, and all beings.