What about me?

This morning I came up with an idea for a slogan the Blue Lotus Temple. My slogan is, “There’s no “I” in Dukkha”.

To many of you, I know this does not make any sense. So let me try to explain.

First of all, the Buddhist word “Dukkha” means suffering. And through many years of studying Buddhism, I have often read about the idea of having no self. That has always been a very confusing concept to me. I even thought it to sound somewhat ridiculous. How can there be no self, no me? I don’t get it!

Well, I am finally starting to get the idea. (Keep in mind I say starting)

Here is the way I see it.

Most everything that goes on in my life is attached to the idea of “I”. I am happy about this, I am angry at him, I have been hurt by her, I want to make more money, I need a new car.

All of my concepts of who I am and how I feel is based on the concept of “I”.

Perhaps a better way to explain it, is that I cling to these concepts. And yet none of them are reality.

If I let go of these ideas and clinging to them, I suddenly allow myself to be available to enjoy both sides of the coin! I can be just as happy that I don’t get a new car as I would be if I did get a new car!

Sounds crazy right?

Well hopefully you see the idea. It is the idea of self that defines me. And when I allow this, I take away half of the joy and happiness that is available every minute.

This is a huge one for me, as I have based my past 54 years on this planet on the idea of self.

Let’s see how I do today. :)

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

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