This way to Passaddhi

I’ve been reading some articles recently about how to stay peaceful and calm, even in the face of hostility.
It seems that Buddha’s instruction was to not feed anger with anger. And that certainly makes sense. We have all seen that responding in anger only intensifies a bad situation. And it really is just a defensive measure on our part because of our ego’s.
This does not mean to be a doormat, as you should speak up when it may be appropriate. But then just let it go. Don’t attach to it, or feed it. Simply keep your ego out of it.

So then I started learning about Passaddhi. In Buddhism, Passaddhi means tranquility of the body, speech, thoughts and consciousness.
The Buddha taught that this comes after gladness and joy. But I look at it as a precursor to gladness and joy.
Tranquility certainly appears present during meditation. But I can’t say I carry this throughout my day.
I see the practice of meditation as a training of the mind, so that once we are off the cushion we can carry this tranquility with us everywhere; in every moment.
Wouldn’t that make you happy and joyful?
I hope you see my logic in this. Because for me, I see that I need to be meditative in all things. Mindful, awake, aware, non-judgmental, and filled with loving kindness and acceptance. For myself, and more importantly for all other living creatures.
This may not get me to enlightenment, but if I am able to truly walk this path then I will be satisfied.
At least for this lifetime. :)

May you be well, happy and peaceful.