The power of one

Do we speak for those without voices?

the power of one

Does our individual voice, the power of one, make any difference in this World that seems to have so many atrocities and inequities? Or is it simply easier to turn a blind eye and enjoy the wonderful life that we all have right now?
Of course we all have our difficulties or struggles. Some are financial, emotional, physical and mental. But there is much more going on in the World than this small scope of our personal perspective. And I suppose this is easily ignored if we do not see beyond the tips of our nose.

Do you hear the cries of the hungry children in this country and around the World? What about those who cannot even find a drink of fresh water? Do you hear the cries of the 115 million children worldwide that are enslaved in human trafficking for commercial sex exploitation and hazardous physical labor?
What about the ongoing mass slaughter of Dolphins in Japan for the mere sake of selling a few for exhibits like Sea World?
Then there is the daily enslavement, torture, cruelty and murder of animals that are for the sole purpose of fur and meat.

This is all of course a very small portion of the horrific impact that human beings are carrying out and inflicting on other living beings. And I suppose we can all be easily overwhelmed and turn a blind-eye for the sake of our own tranquility. But ignoring it does not make it go away.
So what can each of us to do connect to all other beings, and put our compassion into action?
Well perhaps consider that one cup of Starbucks coffee at around $5.00. For that same $5.00, you can feed a hungry child in America for an entire week! And in Africa, a mere $17.00 can feed a child or adult for a month!
What about saving over 100 animals a year by adopting a Vegan lifestyle that can also be of such great benefit to your health, the environment, and actually help feed more hungry people by causing more land to be used for vegetable crops, instead of livestock which costs far more in resources to produce.

The list of ways that we are each able to extend ourselves in a way that benefits others goes on and on. The question is not how much we should do, but if we should do anything or nothing at all.
The choice is up to each of us, and certainly a personal one. The important thing to understand is the immense power that each of us posses with our singular voice. This is the power of one.