Technology of the mind

Our brain works like this: we are born into these conditions of suffering, this is what we have all inherited. But then here are these Buddhist practices, this ancient method of examining and seeing clearly our human condition. When you see it clearly, you can actually increase consciousness of the whole process, and thereby find freedom from it. Freedom from suffering! That’s not only inspiring for our personal liberation, but maybe for the entire human race.
Now that is some kind of technology!
Isn’t the human mind still the most sophisticated computer on Earth? And isn’t it true that most of us use a very small percentage of the capacity of our brain? Without trying to get too medical or technical, as I am certainly no Doctor or Scientist. In summing up the results that scientists have come to, is that they concluded that the effect of meditation is a “wakeful, hypo-metabolic state.” Heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases, a sort of rhythmic breathing occurs. For me, it is almost like a vibration sometimes.

The bottom line is, I see my practice as very much a 21st Century technologically advanced path. Yet it is rooted completely in teachings that are more than two millenniums old.
For me it it easy and rational to deduce that the Buddha did in fact become awakened. He could clearly see this path away from suffering that science today is only just beginning to understand. That, my friends, is truly amazing!

So once again I would like to say Namo to the Buddha. Namo Buddhaya.
And Namo to my Teachers, my Noble Friends, and my Family.

May you all be well, happy and peaceful.