Taking a break

I read a post on Marguerite Manteau-Rao’s Mind Deep Blog yesterday, and it got me thinking. Marguerite’s Blog is usually good at doing that for me.
Basically it was about deciding between constant practice and mindfulness, or the need for taking a break sometimes to give yourself a rest.
From personal experience, I feel that I easily slip back into old patterns when I do not put forth effort.
For fifty years I have trained my mind to be absorbed with the self. Disturbing emotions were something that I clung to and built on.
So when I forget my mindfulness practice, or miss my daily meditation, I slide quickly back downhill.
You see, although I have been a student of the Buddha Dhamma for over ten years, I have only begun to actually learn anything over the past several months.
And although my writings here may make it seem as though I am highly skilled, in fact I am only a kindergartner in Buddha’s teachings. I am very unskilled, but have great love and respect for my teacher.
And as a good student, I need to be humble and also work hard on my studies. I am aware that I need a lot more practice before I will achieve any perfections (Pali: Parami).
This is what Buddha taught in the Appamada. Being heedful and diligent is the path to awakening.

Perhaps for some, a break may be in order. But speaking for myself, I need to be disciplined in my practice right now.
Only you know what is the Right Action for yourself.

Budu Saranai
May you be well, happy and peaceful.