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A Buddhist training regimen


Believe it or not, at one point in my life many years ago, I was an intensely dedicated body builder. And one of the most important aspects I learned about proper training was to breathe correctly. Getting a good supply…

Peace and happiness – On sale for $12.95


Nowadays, there are so many authors and so-called teachers that offer seminars, books, online classes and retreats that promise peace and happiness. Some are laypeople, some are monastics, and some are even former monastics. Others still have tied-in celebrities to…

High anxiety

high anxiety

A couple of months ago I was asked to give the weekly talk at the temple which is due this coming Saturday. Being a layperson, this is not considered a “dhamma” talk. At the same time, my teacher Bhante Sujatha…

Class is in session

Just try to remember, there is no need to wait for the lesson, the lesson is right here in front of us just waiting to be seen. Class is in session.

Meditation is for old people


Meditation may also be the best medicine for all ages. It seems that a large majority of the people that I find taking up meditation and/or the Buddhist practice are of a more mature age. And while I do see…