Stars in my eyes

starsWho hasn’t had stars in their eyes at some point in their life. Being completely dazzled or enraptured with the moment is a wonderful feeling.
This expression stems from the beauty of the stars in the sky, and their countless numbers and sparkling light.
I think that most all of us appreciate the beauty of stars in the sky on a clear evening.
But if one of those stars were to burn out, would you know the difference? So you could wonder if that one star really mattered at all.
But what if instead, that star was breaking through the atmosphere and hurling its way towards earth?
Now that same star would be the most important thing in the history of our civilization!
Same star, vastly different view in our minds.

What about lying on a beautiful tropical beach. The waves gently crashing along the white sand at your feet. One does not notice each grain of sand, we just enjoy the beauty of the entire beach.
Now let’s say one of those grains of sand got in your eye and scratched the cornea. Leaving your vision permanently impaired in one eye.
Your love of the beach and sand are instantly gone, and you are filled with anger towards that one grain of sand. Same sand, completely different view.

Now I know that some of you may feel I am speaking in a very ethereal manner here.
But my intention is truly just to illuminate how our minds can many times be very closed to a larger reality.
The sand is not good or bad, the stars are not beautiful or terrifying. They simply are.
And are we human beings really any different?
It is our unskilled mind, our ego, that causes our blindness to these truths.

There is a spaciousness that becomes available to us in our meditation practice. Small minded thinking, ignorant perceptions, and ego driven beliefs can all fall away. And I believe that with mindfulness, loving kindness and wisdom, each of us can bring about this spaciousness and awareness to every moment.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.