So much time, so little to do

so much time

Too much time on my hands?

Isn’t this how most of us feel, like we have so much time on our hands and so very little to get done?
My guess is your heads are tilted right now, like a dog hearing a strange sound and trying to determine what it is! Because chances are, like most people, you feel that there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to get done.
Unfortunately, I believe that a lack of mindfulness keeps most of us from seeing how much idle wasted time each of us allow to transpire each and every single day. Even on those days that we feel most overwhelmed! In fact, during those highly charged days, our minds are the main reason that so much is wasted. Often stagnated by those feelings of pressure and deadlines. We handicap ourselves with stories that result in little to no action, and at the end of the day feel we accomplished nothing.

As I write this, I am observing what I think is perhaps a more mindful approach to time. Right now while running my business, I am answering phones, receiving packages, creating shipping labels, emailing invoices, chatting online with customers, chatting with monastics, doing work for the Blue Lotus Temple, updating the Temple website, and installing a new network printer for the business. Oh yes, and writing this Blog post too! And while there are brief moments that stress begins to arise, it quickly disappears as I return my attention to the present moment. And if my attention needs to switch to a different task, I handle that one and then return to the other. No need to stress about it, as it will all get done in good time. And if something takes longer than planned, I am completely OK with that, as I know I am functioning at mindful capacity.

I know that many of us often wish that we could do more to help others. Perhaps you would like to volunteer to help your Temple or Church, a Youth group, or community event. But easily we can convince ourselves that there is just not enough time to help others, when our plates are already so full. But perhaps all that any of us are missing is that one deep breath, and a pause to become present. Allowing yourself to see that there is time, there is plenty of time. But only if we do not waste it in developing stories and ego-driven concerns that delude us into thinking that we are overwhelmed.

Speaking for myself, I feel that I do not do enough. But I am learning, day by day, that much more is available for me to offer. Compassion and generosity are in abundance if only seen without the ego and selfishness. And these are the skills and qualities that I attempt to cultivate through my thoughts, words and actions. Moment by moment, and as mindfully present as I am able to be. May you also be present, be kind, and be free of all fears and stress.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.