Sign your name

Life is our canvas, and with each word and action we sign our work.

I think that to view life in this way is to illuminate the power and beauty that we each have in this life. Like brush strokes on a canvas, each moment we create something that will live on for generations.

One must be mindful in order to gain insight, and only with insight do I believe that one gains real wisdom. So easily we all tend to fill our minds with distractions of thoughts, feelings, and activities.
Some music on the radio, an interesting TV show, a romantic novel, or so many other things that fill our mind but are anything but mindful. Full mind or mindful, one will grow the seeds of ignorance and the other will grow seeds of compassion, loving kindness and awareness. But the choice is always ours.

Perhaps it is our lack of skill which make many of us avoid uncomfortable feelings. Filling the mind is merely serving as a distraction from what will possibly be painful circumstances.
But what if instead we embrace these fears or angers, and show them love and comfort? And if we give these feelings a safe and accepting place, could we not also find some forgiveness and acceptance. Starting with compassion and love for the self, we can now grow seeds of love and equanimity. But I truly believe it has to start within. We need to find that safe place of love and acceptance for ourselves before we can offer this to others.

Consider your mind, your self, the deep and genuine love that you have within you. Then sign your name to everything you do in your life.
And may you be well, happy and peaceful.