No more suffering


Once again, I find my little girl to be a beacon of sunshine.
I sit here today feeling somewhat overwhelmed with suffering. Some of it is pity for myself, some is worry for loved ones, some is hurtful words and actions by others, some is simply financial pressures. Overall, I am not feeling very Buddhist in nature today. Perhaps having awareness is my saving grace right now.
But as I sat here observing all these emotions and conditions, I remembered something my youngest Daughter said to me a week ago.
We were sitting in the hospital with a loved one, and seeing the sadness on my face, she turned to me and said “Remember Dad, no suffering!”.
I turned to here and corrected her by saying no Honey, it’s the other way around. There IS suffering!
She looked a bit sad when I said this, and I felt bad for not being more mindful of my words to her.
But today it hit me. My little girl was right.
I see that while I am still working on the First Noble Truth (there is suffering), my Daughter is already on the Third Noble Truth (the cessation of suffering).
I am so blessed to have an eleven year old Buddha in my life. I need to pay more attention to the lessons she teaches every day. Loving kindness, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness plus a giving heart that never expects anything in return.

So this post is for you Honey. Thank you so much for your lesson. And forgive me for not paying more attention when you tried to tell me at the hospital.
Today I am going to let go of my attachments and my ego.
Today, no suffering.

Daddy loves you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.