My last day

My last day
Today I thought about how I would view this day if it were my last day on earth. How important this day would be, right!
And then it occurred to me, what if in fact yesterday were my last day? Causing me to think about how badly I blew it. I wasted my last day alive! So many things that I missed, and should have done. People I could have called just to say hello, friends that I could have communicated my love and gratitude for, charities that I could have helped and donated to. The list is almost endless as to the possibilities of things I could have and should have done. But I thought I had more time. I thought my days were not so limited, and there would be time for this and that tomorrow or some other day.

So while we all may say we are aware that our days are numbered, the reality of this just not truly sink in. We know we only have so many days, but never think that this is the last one. And I suppose we are thinking that we will have some sort of fair warning when the end is near. And then we can make amends, and cover all the bases that we left open for far too long. But I would not only ask you where this is written, but wonder how capable each of us might be if we are such a weakened condition. Is it the best time to love and care for others when we lie helpless on our death beds? At that point, I don’t see where I will be able to offer you much more than I smile. And chances are, if you have love for me, this will not bring you joy and peace. Your attachment to me will likely make it near impossible to be well, happy and peaceful.

This is where I think it is best to live without regret. Like the slogan for the U.S. Army, “be all you can be”! Don’t save the best for last, offer your full compassion and love right now today. Forgive easily, love abundantly, accept equanimously, be generous and mindful of this day. This is the day that could have gotten away from you. But with awareness, it becomes the best day of your life.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.