I can’t fix this

It would seem that our human brains are wired to be “fixers”. When a situation arises, or we are presented with a difficulty, our neurotransmitters fire signals to the brain which compel us to act upon them.
And I have come to see that our whole body tends to react to these signals, not just our brain. Muscles may tense, breathing become short and shallow, sometimes we can even experience physical pains in our muscles, joints and develop and headache from this experience.
Suffering is present, physically, mentally and emotionally.
And our nature to move away from this discomfort, or dissatisfactory situation, drives us into the “fix it” mode.
And while this may be very natural for us to do as humans, it is not how we find the cessation of suffering. Hence, the teachings of the Buddha. Showing us a path that leads us away from suffering and dissatisfaction.

Each day we are faced with literally millions of decisions and dilemmas. And for the most part, we allow our instinct and nature to react and help us maintain what we perceive as balance. We have a natural aversion to impermanence and decay, so our brains have learned to send compensating signals to allow us the delusion of balance.
But the reality is, we cannot control most of what is happening in this World. And allowing our brains to function at this rudimentary level only puts us farther away from the path to liberation.
Mindfulness must be accomplished through diligence, determination and practice. Observing reality as it is, letting go of our desire to control or fix things, and acceptance of the nature of all things.
Again, I am reminded of my personal mantra – Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta. Impermanence, suffering/dissatisfaction, and no-self.

And when observing any situation that causes us concern or upset, one can remind themselves of these three marks of existence. And with a clear understanding and acceptance of these truths, we can observe the body relax, the breathing ease, and our minds become more peaceful.
The fact of the matter is, you cannot fix anything or anyone. And the desire to do so is only one more source of unhappiness for yourself.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.