I am the Buddha



Well, at least the pre-enlightened Buddha anyway. I suffer, I practice, I have determination. Very much of the same qualities and difficulties that the Buddha had. In fact, probably all of the same ones. After all, Buddha was just a human being like the rest of us.
But one day, the light came on for him. Enlightenment. He saw, understood, and accepted all things just as they are. Voilà!

For some, this may sound like a lofty goal. Perhaps even unrealistic.
But I have come far enough along this path that I can taste the reality of this. Even if it’s only in brief moments and tiny glimpses, I see the contentment and universal love that exists in this life. And I am also aware the grasping for this is also a pitfall. The same type of pitfall that can be experienced in trying to attain jhana’s (levels of meditative states).
But in studying the life and teachings of the Buddha, I see that it was not a quick journey to enlightenment. He experimented, questioned and discerned everything. But always, he remained determined in his quest. He had patience and conviction to experience this life without boundaries or delusion.
And I can see that I am the one who creates these boundaries and delusions in my own mind. I am limited only by my own ignorance (avijja), not because of anyone else’s doing.

So how do I, or anyone else, pursue and remain steadfast on this course or path to awakening?
In my opinion, it is with saddha. Saddha being a Pali word for faith, but actually meaning something very different from religious faith. Saddha meaning confidence and conviction founded in virtue, humility and gentleness.
And it is with this understanding of saddha that I remain determined in my practice. Always remembering to love and be kind to myself first. Even learning to enjoy every step of the journey without concern of the destination. Moment by moment I can breathe and be present to this experience and this life. And this is the only way that I may be available to awakening. I have to be here right now.

I hope you can see that I am the Buddha. And I also hope you can see that you are the Buddha too.
Breath by breath, present and filled with loving-kindness, compassion and equanimity, we become Buddha’s. Sharing the joy of others happiness, having gratitude, giving with your heart, and mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Like a lotus flower growing from the mud to bathe in thew sunlight, right now you are becoming.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

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16 comments for “I am the Buddha

  1. JenniferSlad
    Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Beautiful! Thank you!

    • WHPDave
      Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 1:49 pm

       @JenniferSlad Thank you Jennifer. Blessings!

  2. JenniferSlad
    Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    I’d never heard the word saddha before. What a wonderful concept.

  3. j123
    Monday, April 16, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    Thank you for the profound posting about Sadhha.  Buddha’s experimenting, questioning, discerning, determination, patience, and conviction are powerful ways to live life.

  4. CarlosRomeo
    Monday, May 14, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Another way to go forth on that path would be to look up the next steps one has to take, Manodvarrajjana and then parikamma and then focusing on your upcharo. cultivating your samo damo uparati, titikha, samadhanna along with your sahhda. Then Anuloma -Mumukshatva and finding oneself then the GOTRABHU. That would be a very goood. thing!

  5. DharmamitraJeffStefani
    Monday, January 7, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Greetings & Salutations _/_This is  Great website and Blog that you have going on here. I enjoyed checking out several articles, and all of which dealt with solid Buddha Dharma fundamentals and are well written. Sadhu! 
    When I reflect on Saddha, I see how I’ve evolved over the years, wuth my practice, and what was once a nifty concept is now an ever-present faculty of Cita and of Right Vision and complete Knowing, not simply beyond faith, but beyond confidence and has uprooted any Doubt in my “going for refuge” to the Three Jewels. In the Pali Canon, the Sutta where Dhammadina, (The first female Arhat) gives a discourse which the Buddha acknowledges as being perfectly accurate, where she use the 12 Nidanas (or Links, as in chain, not a website;) which are very well known in their “negative form” in describing the 12 nidanas of Conditioned Existence, or Samsara. But what is so useful about the 12 “Positive Nidanas” is the description of the process of transcending, or escaping the cyclical existence of Samsara, for the Spiral Path, creative, augmentative, that leads from “The Gap” between the nidanas  of “Sensing” and “Feeling: of cyclical existence and the actual Point of Entry for the Spiral Path to Nirvana, or Nibbana as this Blog seems to favor the Pali (Saddha or Šraddha {Shraddha} in Sanskrit.)The Path is laid out in fairly straightforward manner,  and as I have been following the Buddha Dharma for 16 years I have established steadfast Shraddha/Saddha but gaining Confidence/Experiential-based faith as each link has directly corresponded to the links as set forth in the Pali Canon. The first being the realization of Dukkha, 2) the arising of Saddha, 3) arising of Bliss or Pīti a pleasant absorption, aspects of First Dhyana)…and so on and on through the 8th link =  (my personal favorite) Arising of Insight into he True Nature of Reality. The Point of No regression, or Guaranteed Nibbana! (with in 7 lives) AKA Stream Entry, Stream-Winning , and on through12) being Nibbana. It’s too large of a scope to go into details,  I’ve certainly Blogged about my experience in progressing along the Path, the 12 Nidanas to Enlightenment. It’s a very useful “Road Map” and it goes to show the absolute Necessity of cultivating Saddha, not simply because it’s one the 5 Spiritual Faculties that the Buddha repeatedly speaks abut, but also because one cannot “ascend” while bypassing any of the necessary links. So it’s not just a useful tool, it’s an Essential element for progress on the Spiral Path (it’s called the Path of Regular Steps, in that they follow in regular ascending sequence. Another thing,  as I started with, has been my experience of Insight, of breaking the first 3 fetters, and the uprooting of any form of doubt in the Three Jewels.  _/_ With Mettā and sukha-citta,
    Dharmamitra Jeff

    • WHPDave
      Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 12:55 am

      @DharmamitraJeffStefani Sukha-citta: ‘the perception consciousness or view of happiness’ in what is actually suffering dukkha sukha-saññā i.e. any form of existence, it is one of the perversions vipallāsa.

      • DharmamitraJeffStefani
        Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 9:56 pm

        @WHPDave  @DharmamitraJeffStefani Excellent Pali catch, and my mistake in terminology. Your response is verbatim from Nyanatiloka’s “Buddhist Dictionary” and totally valid. I STarted at a “Dhamma Scholar” and studied Pali (never made it through to Sanskrit)But if you use Nyanatiloka’s Pali/Buddhist Dictionary, and reference the usage of Sukha as one of the 5 factors for Samādhi, which was my intended meaning,  the happiness of renunciation. Unless your reply is uncanny, I’m sure you can reference Nyanatiloka’s Canonical references, particularly in the Anguttara Nikāya, and the All the Skillful uses of the term sukha. Either way, the study and use of Pali in-and-of-itself can be a hindrance to Stream Winning, by reinforcing mental concepts, and the biggest hindrance of  all is that which reinforces the false view of a separate self.

  6. jhana
    Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    Thus Buddhism can keep pace with the latest findings in the fields of psychology, biology, and physics. It is supremely practical and profound at the same time. It has helped me to understand myself and the world around me and challenges me to grow spiritually. I have not found any philosophy or religion so pragmatic and comprehensive at the same time. That is why I am a Buddhist.

    • WHPDave
      Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 2:28 pm

      @jhana Thanks for your thoughts Jhana.

  7. Dan
    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 12:42 pm

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