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Buddhism for the next generation

With the release of Apple’s new operating system Mountain Lion, I now have the ability to use dictation to write a blog post instead of typing. This should be an interesting experience, and one that I hope will open up more free-flowing thoughts and put them in print.
I wonder how the Buddha would have communicated in the 21st century, having all the tools that are now at many people’s disposal.

Actually, I am finding that speaking my thoughts is a bit more difficult than just typing them out one word at a time. Perhaps technology is not always something that helps our communication. I find that texting, chatting, and dictation, all have a way de-sensitizing us to much of what is actually trying to be communicated. We seem to have become an emoticon driven society. And we often communicate with abbreviations like brb, lol, ttyl, ty, idk, and a host of other abbreviations. Even “I love you” has been reduced to “ly”. What would Buddha do? Or, as you kids would say “WWBD?”
Are we really that busy, or are we becoming the laziest society in history? Is technology connecting us more, or actually disconnecting us from one another?

Words can be a gift that comfort and heal. And I don’t see this being conveyed with the same gravity or emotion as when they are acronyms. But again, this seems to be a desire and perception on my part. The World is changing rapidly, and we either play along or become the dinosaurs of society. And I’m afraid I am quickly becoming one, as I see that I cannot get in the groove of modern music or most technology. Wait, do young people even use the word “groove” anymore?

So I have to admit, I have been typing the last couple of paragraphs. I am not a 21st century man, and I need to accept that. At least I can smile about it, and even laugh most times. Because young people today will just never understand the joy of a rotary phone, black & white TV, or walking twelve blocks to School every day. I’ve been blessed to be a kid when I was a kid. And it’s fun to watch the new generation make their own memories now in a high-tech way. Groovy!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.

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  1. Anusittha
    Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Accepting change is still hard even when you know that everything is always in a state of change. For the longest time I refused to get a smartphone, finding little benefit from a device that brought all sorts of things to my fingertips anytime I wanted them (except that I never wanted them). I now have one, but use very few of it’s features and usually only when I am forced to. I think the most use it gets is as a camera.¬†For me, accepting that my old phone was no longer being supported and upgrading to something that would allow me to interact with technology, was a lesson in how to handle change vs. being resistant to it (or controlled by it). It was a lesson in how to see the positive things about change and in how to fit change into my life. I try and not think of myself as a dinosaur but instead try and be thankful that my slower way of life allows me time to enjoy the simple pleasures of my era.

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