I realized last night, that my meditation is only a small but important part of my practice.

It came to me, that meditation has put the wheels on my wheelchair.

Virtue and wisdom, I believe, are the things that will get me out of my wheelchair.

I also realize that my mind and conditioning are the cause of my disability.

Something that happened last night during meditation really helped me see this.

As I sat quietly  on the floor focused on my breathing and enjoying the stillness, a sound broke out. It was Elizabeth (my little girl), upstairs playing her Clarinet. Some notes she hit were good, while others were like a cat getting stepped on!

Instead of being upset that my meditation time was being disturbed, an overwhelming feeling of joy came over me.

In that instant, I realized my mind had changed. Those sounds and noises were beautiful to me.

I did not attach to the sounds, but I could see clearly that both sides of any view are equally wonderful. It’s how our mind views them. To see things without conditioning or judgment.

So, no I have not yet reached enlightenment!

But it is great to now have wheels on my wheelchair.