Far away friends

Not only do I have children and grandchildren that live far way from me, but I also have many dear friends who have recently moved away. And I quickly realize how this physical separation is similar to loved ones that I have lost, like my Mom, Dad and Sister-in-law. Of course the death of a loved one means never seeing them or speaking to them again, and this can be a very difficult reality for any of us to accept and come to terms with.
But there is a lesson to be learned from those loved ones who have departed this World. And that is in finding the deeper connection that transcends the mere physical connection. As I have found the deepest connection with my Mother and Father is revealed through my practice and observation. My Mom and Dad are so very much apart of me. They created me, brought me into this World, and shared the best of all they had to offer another human being; by example, in love, sacrifices, wisdom and selflessness.
And recently I have come to see how they are still my teachers, because I see how my parents have taught me how to remain closely connected to my children and dear friends who have moved away. A deep, loving kinship which transcends the distance.

Love is not physical my dear friends, it is far deeper and more powerful. And is truly free of attachments and expectations. Love which is free of all these constraints becomes liberated and unconditional. Sometimes I even feel a sense of bliss in this purity of love and deep connection.
Yes, I enjoy hearing your voice and giving you a hug. And yes, I miss the touch of my Moms hand in mine and seeing the warm smile on her face. But there is something far richer at work here, once we open ourselves to this connection.

I hope each of you can feel the connection I have with you, because I certainly feel the loving friendliness you have toward me. May you feel this connection with each of your loved ones and friends, whether near or far.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.