Eye of the hurricane

eye of the hurricane
Whether it is the eye of a hurricane or eye of a tornado, in the center there is a calm and stillness. And I can easily draw the parallel to this in our practice.
On a good day, that peace you experience may seem as expansive as the eye of a hurricane, which can span many miles across. But on our more challenging days, our center of peace may be more like a tornado, which is so small and irregular that it can be very difficult to observe.
But with practice and determination, I think we learn to realize that the eye of our own peace is always present for us. And the World around can be as chaotic as need be, and still we can remain mindful and present.

Looking at the similarities of these natural disasters, I think we can learn much more. The first of which being the acceptance of nature, the nature of this life. Storms will come and go, and it serves no purpose to be angry at the storm. It is the nature doing what the nature does. And any desire for this to be otherwise, is again an exercise in futility. Any clinging to possessions, or aversion to loss, is only a way to move out of the eye and into the storm.

I can see that my meditation practice is the way to not only see and accept the realties of this life and nature, but an effort in preparedness. Like building my house on a solid foundation, with secure shutters and a good storm shelter that is easily accessible. Not to live my life in hiding, but to live fully and openly without fear.
This physical body and mind are the house that I live in. And caring for it means doing the many things necessary to be healthy and happy, while remaining mindful of the nature.
Let today be a good day for each of us to check our foundations. How is your practice? Are you happy, are you free, and are you prepared?

May you be well, happy and peaceful.