Earthquakes, Tsunami’s, Fires and Floods

All of these things are happening in the World around us right now. Perhaps not in the town or State that you live in, but in many other places they are. Thousands upon thousands of people are affected, and many lives have been lost.
First of all, my love, compassion and prayers go out so deeply to all of these people.
We are all connected, and these people are friends and Family even though we have never met.
These disasters got me thinking about my practice. And wondering, if this were happening in my town, to my Family, would I be well happy and peaceful?
It has also made me think about how most of us are always seeking something more in our lives. It could be a new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new house, more money, or to just be rid of a nasty flu bug that we have. It’s all desire, and it’s all meaningless.
If these disasters were happening to us personally right now, would any of us be thinking of any of those desires?
No, we may have lost our home completely, destroyed by flooding as has just happened on the East Coast. Our business may have been destroyed by an earthquake, as has happened in Japan.
Worst of all, we may have lost our Son or Daughter, Mother or Father, Sister or Brother through this crisis.
Do you think a new big screen TV would make you feel better?

For me, there is a deep lesson in this disaster. Impermanence, mindfulness, living fully present in this breath, gratitude for this day and this life. Compassion for those that are suffering so greatly right now, and purposely seeking ways to help them.

We all have so many blessings, and we all have suffering.
May I be fully awake to this moment, without attachment, and have a strong determination towards helping others.

Budu saranai