Do you knead bread?

Most of us buy our bread at the store. But many folks do enjoy making their own homemade bread, and of course one must “knead” the bread in the process.
It’s wonderful that we have the choice, and even more wonderful how easily we can have bread on our table.
But now ask yourself if you “need” bread? The answer is most likely no. Bread is readily available and I’m sure most of us give it little thought.

But did you know that in Egypt right now, millions of people are fighting for a scrap of bread?
Right now in Egypt, lines form before the Sun comes up and people stand in line begging for bread. Pleading to have mercy on them, just to obtain a little bread. In fact, in Egypt right now, Bread is being rationed, there is a shortage of blood and oxygen, shortage of gasoline, and fresh food prices are up 100%

How are we separated from these people? Is it because they are thousands of miles away? Really?
What if these were Family members, loved ones? Now would it bother you?
You see it’s not the miles that separate us, it’s only your minds.

My intention is not a plea to help the people of Egypt. You will decide if this is the proper action for you.
I only hope to increase your awareness of our connectedness to each other. We are all Brothers and Sisters.
Please be mindful of this. Be mindful of this when you sit down to eat with your Family in the comfort of your warm safe home. Be grateful, and feel this connection to all living beings. Send them your loving kindness and compassion. Appreciate each bite of bread that came to you so easily.
Be thankful that you can “knead” your bread, and you don’t “need” your bread.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.