Do no harm

From the Christian belief in the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. To the Hindu philosophy of Ahisma, meaning to do no harm. And of course the Buddhist Five Precepts, which set a basis for ethical conduct.

Most of the Worlds religions have a strong basis in this thinking. Yet we each seem to do so much harm. Perhaps we are not aware of this harm, but a lack of mindfulness is no excuse in my opinion. And please know that I am guilty also.

Let’s take a look at how we eat. Do we always eat healthy natural foods? If we don’t, and I am hugely guilty of this one myself, then we are doing harm. Doing it to ourselves! Do we smoke, drink alcohol, do little exercise? Guilty, guilty, and guilty as charged.

Have you ever done research on those plastic bags that we all get from the grocery store? I have, and can tell you they are killing animals and fish. They are polluting and destroying our planet. Again, guilty.

And what about the little things? Like the people on the road when you are driving, or at the store, or calling to sell you something on the phone. How much harm do are words cause? Perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. And what about your children or other Family members, when they have tested your patience beyond the limit. Did your words or actions cause them harm? I know they did, because I know that mine have.

So I can see very clearly that I have much work to be done. I am grateful that my practice has given me more awareness, and that I am more mindful than ever before. But it is the wisdom and intention now that I must develop.
I know that loving kindness starts with myself. And I believe the more I can develop that, the more I can share that with the World. We are all so deeply connected.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.