Buddhism and Charlie Sheen

charlie sheenObviously, Charlie Sheen is in the midst of a media frenzy right now. Mr. Sheen seems to be promoting much of this himself. I have to wonder if there is anyone in the United States right now who has not seem some of his outrageous interviews or YouTube videos.
I know that many are fascinated by it, some are outraged at him, while others feel it’s distasteful to watch someone falling apart. I have even heard it described as something like peeking in the window of an insane asylum.
So this got me to thinking, what is the right view of this phenomena?

So here is my view on this, perhaps right perhaps wrong…

Charlie Sheen is a human being just like you and me. I could easily make assumptions on his condition and behavior. But isn’t that my ego deciding that I’m OK and he is not?
What I do see is someone who is trying very hard to communicate his frustration and anger. It would seem this person has a lot of disturbing emotions, just like many of us do.
So in my mind, Charlie not only deserves, but needs my loving kindness and compassion. Accepting him as a person just like you or me.
If I allow myself to judge or condemn Charlie, then I only show ego and ignorance.
So Charlie, if you’re listening, I wish you peace. May you be well, happy and peaceful Charlie.

And may each of you be well, happy and peaceful also.