Buddha only taught one thing

One thing I teach: suffering and the end of suffering.
It is just Ill and the ceasing of Ill that I proclaim.
~The Buddha

I really found this statement by the Buddha to be very enlightening and liberating.
I think the practice of Buddhism can easily become one of rituals and lofty ideals. Thinking things like, “I must mediate” or “I am working on enlightenment” are actually distortions of what the Buddha taught so simply and succinctly.
It is an easy trap for anyone to become a fundamentalist Buddhist, and become hooked on certain traditions and concepts.
But in doing this, I think we loose that spaciousness that exists. Our minds need to be open, relaxed and childlike.

Have you ever noticed how when a small child hurts themselves, they cry and scream and feel the pain; then a minute later they are back to playing just as wildly as before!
A child knows how to be completely in the moment. When they get hurt, they hurt, then it’s over. They completely let go of that experience and move on to a new one.
You see, I think we start off this way early in life, then build up attachments and delusion as we become older. These are not our nature, these are simply learned behaviors.
We have the option to drop these behaviors at any time.
Like the Buddha said, there is suffering and there’s an end to suffering.
Fall down, get up, move on. Simple!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.