Attainment of Self

Well now, there’s a oxymoron if I ever heard one!
You see the whole idea of Non-duality mean there is no distinction of self.
Yet most of us are taught our whole lives to find your inner self, be true to yourself, develop your individuality. Know who you are!
These are all statements of thinking that separate us, and create an ego of selfishness and conceit.
And after all these years of developing the self, it can be very difficult to see the reality of no self.
Now if it seems I am getting a little too lofty here, please bare with me. I hope to gain clarity for both of us as I continue.
Let’s take two words, like hot and cold. They seem separate and opposite correct? But can you see that if there were no hot there would be no cold? They cannot exist by themselves. There cannot be day without night, black without white, right without wrong, or even God without man.
These are all delusions for us when we think of them as separate from each other.
I think that once we understand this truth, we free our minds. We begin to see there is no separate you or me.
OK, I know that last one probably makes you shake your head a bit. See, that idea of self and importance is a very hard one to let go of. You are saying, “how can there be no me?”.
Well, I don’t think this means there is no you. It simply means there is no you that is separate from me, separate from the World. You are not separate from all living things.
You must feel this truth when you read it here. A feeling of connectedness vibrates in you, and you know this is really your true nature. This is our true nature. Just walk outside right now, and put your hand on the ground. Feel it. You are not separate or alone, you are completely a part of all things. Breathe in the fresh air, and feel your connection.
Now you are awake, you are mindful, you are on the verge of Buddhahood.

Once again, I find that mindfulness is key to my practice. This is not something that I can just attempt while in meditation, but I must be awake and mindful every moment. This is such a challenge for me, as I often unconsciously cling to old patterns and habits. But each day that I practice, I develop more loving kindness and acceptance. I try and be mindful of this also, because I clearly see the peace that it brings about.

I encourage each of you to practice this every day. Be mindful, loving and compassionate.
And may you always be well, happy and peaceful.